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"For many years Rebecca Green has been my "go to" expert for forensic computer matters. She has never disappointed. On more occasions than I can count Rebecca has uncovered efforts by computer owners to destroy or secrete evidence. She has reconstructed hard drives and revealed devastating electronic evidence. Her work is objective, reliable, prompt, trustworthy, and cost effective. We have never encountered any significant barrier to admissibility of her work in court, and she has been a willing and available witness, even on short notice. I highly recommend her, and I invite anyone to call me if you want more information."

John C. Trimble
Lewis Wagner, LLP

"I have found none better than Rebecca Green to help me understand the technology and data involved in my ESI cases and to provide expert reports and testimony. Her pleasant and cooperative personality makes her easy to work with and she has been well respected by the court and opposing counsel in the cases I have retained her as an expert. She brings a wealth of experience as a testifying expert and thoroughly understands the rules pertaining to evidence preservation, discovery and confidentiality. Her detailed reports have been easy to understand and clearly present her opinions supported by photographic evidence obtained from the evidence. Her courtroom and deposition testimony is certain, to the point and appropriately supportive of her expert opinions. She has the highest of integrity, meticulously documents her steps securing the ESI and displays the highest respect for the court, the legal process and all parties and their counsel."

Robert W. York, Senior Attorney
Robert W. York & Associates

"We had an important, fast-track non-compete enforcement case and we needed defendant’s PCs searched ASAP. Rebecca had the experience, skills, hardware, and software to get the job done. Within a few days of retaining her, she found key documents that defendants had deleted from their PCs. Those documents were key at trial. The court ruled in our favor, and Rebecca’s work was instrumental in delivering that result for our client."

John Maley, Partner
Barnes & Thornburg

"I first met Rebecca during a temporary restraining order in federal court and have since worked with her on a variety of projects. She is knowledgeable, responsive, and strives to complete tasks within the expected scope. Her insight and recommendations are valuable when analyzing ESI contained on various devices."

Attorney At Law
Large Midwestern Law Firm

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